Zhangjiajie History & Culture

Zhangjiajie is an ancient but also a rising tourism city of China. The city was founded and named as Zhangjiajie National Forest Park,  China’s first national forest park. The former name of the city was Dayong. In 1994,the city of Dayong was renamed as Zhangjiajie City  because of the famous attraction Zhangjiajie. In 1999 and 2006, the world famous fancy flyers flew stunt through the cave in the Tianmen Mountain. And Hollywood film Avatar could have borrowed scenes from Zhangjiajie. It becomes one of the must-visit destinastionss in China for lots of tourists from home and abroad.

Zhangjiajie History
With over 5,000 years history, the area of Zhangjaijie  itself was previously named Dayong which has a recorded history dating back to 221 BC.But according to archaeological experts’ textual research, all of these wares were produced about 100,000 years ago. Shortly thereafter, in 1988, the Archaeological Institute of Hunan Province found other relics in Sangzhi County, including three pieces of stoneware which were estimated to have been fashioned over 100,000 years ago.
Figures of Zhangjiajie

Photo of Guiguzi Qin Hou Legend of King Xiang
                       Guizui 鬼谷子                      Qin Hou 覃垕                                King Xiang
He Long    
                     Marshal He Long    

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