Zhangjiajie Weather

With a short spring of two months and a long summer lasting five months, Zhangjiajie is mostly warm and mild in a year. July is the hottest time with the highest temperature reaching 32-38ºC (90-100'F), and February is usually the coldest, when the lowest temperature is 0-2ºC (32-35'F).

Best Time to Visit Zhangjiajie
April to June is the best time to go, when the climate is mild with flowers in full blossom and trees all in green. Traveling to Zhangjiajie in September through November is also great. During this time, you can see the scenery, view maples on the mountains and enjoy abundant fruits.
Zhngjiajie Climate & Weather by seasons

With a humid subtropical monsoon climate, Zhangjiajie is a place rich in sunshine and rainfall. Since the average elevation of the mountains is about 1,000 m (3,300 ft), the temperature rises and drops sharply between day and night, with a gap of nearly 10ºC (50'F).

Zhangjiajie in Spring (Mar - May)
Zhangjiajie weather features a very short spring, starting from late March and only lasting till late April. The temperature ranges from 15-25ºC (59-77'F). Although the period of spring is brief, it is the most energetic time of a year with trees turning green and flowers blooming, perfect for taking photographs. If you meet spring rain, it is a chance to see the mountains surrounded by clouds and mists, like a picture of fairyland.

Zhangjiajie in Summer (Jun - Aug)
The summer is 5 months long. The weather is hottest in July and August with the average temperature ranging 28-33ºC (82-91'F). Sometimes the highest temperature can reach 38ºC (100'F). However, if you climb on the mountains, you will feel cool beneath the canopy of large green trees. You can play rafting along the rivers, which is an activity lots of tourists prefer in summer. July is the rainy season, so sudden rain usually falls. On rainy days, haze will make the visibility poor and climbing mountains might be dangerous, so do not take the risk. 

Zhangjiajie in Autumn (Sep- Nov) 
In autumn, the temperature is around 18-28ºC (64-82'F). Maple trees on the mountains turn red, but that is only a part of the whole picture of Zhangjiajie’s autumn, because most trees are evergreen. With some trees turning brown, some in red while others still green, the mountains are “painted” with colors in autumn. October to November is the harvest season. It’s a great chance to taste delicious local fruits, including kiwi, pear, Chinese chestnut, and lychee.

Zhangjiajie in Winter (Dec - Feb) 
The climate in winter is not that cold with the temperature at 0-10ºC (32-50'F). February is the coldest time. The lowest temperature drops to 0-2ºC (32-35'F). It doesn’t snow much in winter and usually melts soon, so treasure the time when you see the rare snowy mountain scenery.
What to Wear: sweater, jacket, windbreaker, hiking shoes.
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Howerver, the weather of Zhangjiajie features a short spring of only two months and a long summer with five months. From April to June is the recommended time to go. During this time, it is most delightful to climb on the mountains and admire the colorful flowers and green trees.

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