Langya Mountain

Langya Mountain, also known as "  Wolf Teeth" Mountain", is located in the southwest of Yixian County, Baoding City of  Hebei Province. The main peak,  "Lotus Petals Peak", is very steep and it looks like the wolf teeth of uneven length, hence its name.

What to see?
The main peak,  "Lotus Petals Peak",  is 1105 meters above sea level. The cliffs on the northwest side are thousands of ridges, and the two sides on the southeast side are slightly slow. Each side has a sheep intestine path leading to the main peak. Ascending from a distance, the mountains are rugged, and the mist is magical and unpredictable.

During the Anti-Japanese War (1937-1945), the Japanese army  invaded Langya Mountainous Area.  In order to cover the retreat of the main forces, the five soldiers of  Eighth Route Army of China , Ma Baoyu, Ge Zhenlin, Song Xueyi, etc, bravely jumped off the cliff after they had fought fiercely for 5 hours to finish the last bullet.
In 1942, a memorial tower for five heroes was built on the main peak of Langya Mountain in order to commemorate the five heroes. And it was rebuilt in 1958, Marshal Nie Rongzhen wrote the 9 Chinese charactors,  " the Five Heroes Memorial Tower in Langya Mountain".
Langya  Mountain was one of the ancient sceneries of the Yandu Area in ancient times. It is  also praised as the "Little Huangshan Mountain in North of China". The main landscape includes Red Agate Cave, Checkerboards Peak, etc. Langya Mountain is one of the national patriotic education bases, national forest parks, and one of the hundred classic red tourist attractions in China.

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