Qingchuifeng Forest Park

Qingchuifeng National Forest Park is an AAAA scenic spot which is located in Shuangqiao district of  Chengde City. Covering an area of 150,000 acres, the park has many wild animals and plants. But it is famous for the Mallet Peak. So it is also called the Mallet Mountain, or  Hammer Peak, Bangchui Mountain.

Looking, the peak is like a huge mallet which is used to beat clothes when people do laundry. This stone pillar is 38 meters high and more than ten meters in diameter. Isolating on the gentle mountains,  it is very spectacular.

There is a mulberry tree named Mengsang (also known as cliff mulberry) in the middle of Bangchui Mountain. And there is a temple 300 meters north of Bangchui Mountain. There are cliff carvings on the stone walls in the temple. When visiting here, you can take a ropeway directly down the mountain or climb to the top via Pule Temple.

Travel Tips
Address: Qingchuifeng National Forest Park, Shuangqiao District, Chengde City
Phone: 0314-2057090
Opening hours: Summer and autumn 7: 30-17: 30, spring and winter 8: 00-16: 30.
Entrance Fees: CNY 40

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