The six old mysterious of Tianmen Mountain

Tianmen Mountain is reputed as the first holy mountain in Western Hunan Province. In thousand and hundred years, the apperance of the six unsolvable riddles adds to the mysterious,spirtual and celestial atmosphere to the place.

The Opening of Tianmen cave
Tianmen Cave, the masterpiece of the nature, is embedded in the precipitous cliff like a shining mirror. It is also like an opening Heaven Gate absorbing and pouring clouds, fogs, thunders and lightning. It is full of celestial palaces mysteries. The exact origin of the cave is still lacking convincing scientific explanation.

The picture of Guigu—an ancient religious master
A brave explorer daring into the ghost valley once occasionally took a picture of the side head of the revered ancient master Guigu on the stone wall of the cave. Yet years later, many retaking of pictures there yield nothing the same. Is this one-time picture of Guigu a coincidence or is it an arrangement by the God on purpose?

The turbulent water of TianmenI
In the left cliff of the El. 1500m Tianmen Cave, appeared wonders of roaring floods in the seasons of serious drought. Followed are the sudden breakout of social reforms, human holocaust and natural disasters of China. Are these the warnings of the nature.Tianmen cave cliff which can magically keep itself dry even in heavy rains.
People say that if the cliff becomes wet, a big disaster will surely follow. Their harvest would be destroyed by serious flood or drought.
The buried treasure by Yefu (an ancient general)
Yefo, i.e. Li Guo, the senior general of Li Zicheng, gained the Buddhist name Yefu after became a Buddhist disciple. It is well known that Li Zicheng retreated from Beijing in defeat and snatched away the gold, silver and other treasures from the national treasury for the intended second uprising, while Yefo came to Tianmen Mountain surely for the purpose of burying the treasures. For hundreds of years, numerous people came here to find the treasures but none of them succeeded. Where on earth are these treasures is still a mystery.

The turning of Tianmen Cave
About seventy or eighty years ago, standing at the south pier by the riverside in Zhangjiajie city, one can see clearly the grand and wonderful Tianmen Cave. However, today in the same place one can only see the mountain rather than the cave; and if one wants to see the wonder, he has to go to Dayongqiao Park four kilometers away. Is this really because of the slow and secret turning of Tianmen Cave from north to northwest direction?
The Tianmen Cave could be seen from the city several decades ago. But now it is impossible to see the cave from the city. Geologists explain that the cave has gradually moved from its original position.

The Auspicious unicorn
According to the records, once some one by chance saw unicorns in the primitive forests at Tianmen. The animal resembles the picture of an ancient Chinese auspicious animal very much. The animal is tiger-shaped, red all over the body with a single arch cornu in the middle of the head. It disappears quickly when there is some one near it.


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