Tujia Bacon

Tujia Bacon is one of the most famous traditional meals of the Tujia nationality in Zhangjiajie. In every winter, Tujia people have traditional customs of making bacon. In the past time, there was no refrigerator storage, but the Tujia people who were far away from the market divided the fresh pork into pieces and made it into bacon. And Tujia people have many traditional festivals in a year, so the people of Tujia ethnic minorities have the reason to make bacon in order to have meat for the holidays, and treat  the guests  for visiting, 

How to make?
1. PicklIng :  At first , cut the fresh meat into five or six pounds of strips, then put them in a large tank, sprinkle with salt, pour some wine, add some spices such as star anise, pepper, and finally use large The stones are pressed on top for pickling. In order to make the meat evenly tasted, the meat should be turned over again in a day or two. After a week, the salt and scent penetrated into the meat, and then the meat was taken out and smoked.

2. Smoking:  In the middle of the farmhouse in the Tujia Mountain area of Xiangxi, there is a large fire pit that does not go out in winter. At any time in the fire pit, there are large tree shrews or stumps burning. On the fire pit, there is a large iron hook that can be lifted and lowered, and a pot or kettle is hung for cooking and boiling water. Hang the marinated meat strips on the high roof beams above the fire pit and use the rising smoke from the fire pit to naturally smoke the meat strips. Because such a smoking process takes a long time, slow and sufficient, and many of the burning tree shrews or stumps have a special fragrance, so the taste of the bacon smoked is really good!

How to Cook?
1. Burn the pig skin with fire first or burn the charcoal fire on the pig skin (no charcoal fire drops friends, you can also take the empty pot on the stove, then put the pig skin drop in the pot and press Live hot), until the burnt yellow burns the aroma, then wash it with warm water, then put the whole piece of meat you want to fry into the water to cook, cook and then fry.
2. Because the bacon is a lot of salt when it is marinated, so when it is fried, it is not necessary to add salt.

Boiled bacon: This is the most primitive method of eating in Hunan. Wash the bacon with warm water and cook in a pot for about 40 minutes. After cutting, you can eat it. It is very fragrant.
Steamed bacon: Slice the washed bacon, add a little dried red pepper, then put it in a bowl and steam in the pot for 50 minutes.

There are many ways to fry the bacon. There are garlic fried bacon, pepper fried bacon, vegetable moss fried bacon, green pepper fried bacon, dried bamboo shoots fried bacon, artichoke fried fried bacon, as well as steamed bacon, bacon hot pot and so on.

There are two kinds of bacon sold in the Zhangjiajie market: one is bacon smoked by a special smoker, and the other is bacon made by the farmer. The above two types of bacon are exquisitely packaged in the former, and the latter are unpackaged, but the taste is particularly sweet.

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