Tujia Reunion Dish

Tujia Reunion Dish (土家团年菜 Tǔjiā tuán nián cài ) is also known as "土家合菜 (tǔjiā hé cài)", which is an ethnic dish of Tujia Minority that must be made by the Tujia people for the Chinese New Year Holiday.  It is not only delicious but also represents a good harvest, the reunion of the family, and the remembrance of the Tujia ethnic minority group's ancestors.

Being different from Sanxiaguo Dish, the Tujia Reunion Dish  is made of variety of vegetables and meat,such as radish, bean curd, cabbage, shallot, pork, etc.which are synthesized into a pot and boiled into a " mixed dish". 

In addition to the taste of beauty, it is also meaning " the good harvest" for local Tujia language. The dish symbolizes the prosperity of the grain, the reunion of the family, and reflects the glorious tradition of the Tujia people not forgetting the ancestors.

Tujia Group's Annual Dish also a special dish of  Tujia Ethnic Group ,which is loved by local people  in Zhangjiajie and tourists from home and abroad.


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