Silkie and Gastrodia Soup

Silkie and gastrodia soup is quite nutritious and considered as secret recipe in folk. Gastrodia elata of Zhangjiajie, golden and bright, can be classified as top grade. 

How to cook?

Ingredients:  One of the black-bone chickens that were slaughtered and cleaned, 200 g of gastrodia appropriately cut into pieces. 

Cooking: Put the black-bone chicken and gastrodia in a pot for one hour, then add onion, ginger, salt, alfalfa, chicken, vinegar and water, then cook for 15 minutes, then sprinkle them into a pot and sprinkle with a little parsley.

Silkie and Gastrodia Soup is a delicious dish. The main raw materials are black-bone chicken, gastrodia and so on. Being great nutritional value and  a folk recipe for “nourishing recipes”. Being fresh and delicious, nutritious, it is good especially for neurasthenia, dizziness and headache.

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