Genting Bar

Genting Bar, located in Zhangjiajie City, is a lotus-shaped dome bar which resembles a flying saucer when seen from outside lights up the skyline at the foot of Tianmen Mountain and on the bank of Lishui River. 
As its 45-diameter retractable roof opens, 110,000 LED lights which are mounted on 10 lotus petal-shaped steel tiles turn it into a huge blooming lotus flower. As the roof closes, it resembles a luminous pearl. 
The dome bar, named Genting, is known as the world’s largest one and is scheduled to open to the public on the evening of Sept. 10. It only takes over 8 months to finish such a big project since the commencement from Dec. 22, 2015. 
With an investment of 280 million yuan, the new bar will be able to host up to 3,800 guests over an area of 210,000 square meters. It is a cultural complex featuring 66 separate KTV boxes, one eastern style mini-bar and one western style mini-bar. Customers visiting the bar will be treated to a range of attractions including a 360-degree rotating stage, futuristic lighting, and holographic projection facilities. 
Domestic and international artists are expected to play in the international bar and music venue. Now a Ukrainian art troupe, together with Russian and African artists is busy with their rehearsal.

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