Miao Ethnic Drum dance in Xiangxi

Miao Drum Dance is a folk art form most commonly used by the  Miao people in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture. Conducting production labor with drum music, It is organically combining arts such as music and dance. With dozens of types of Miao Drum Dance, it has been listed in the national intangible cultural heritage list.
Miao Ethnic Drum dance in Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture is popular among Jishou city and the counties such as Fenghuang (Phoenix), Luxi, Baojing, Huayuan, and Guzhang County. According to historical records, the drum dance, which dates back to the Han (BC 206 – CD 220) Dynasty, is said to originate from the ritual sacrifices of the Miao minority. With the passage of time the drum dance has become Miao people’s favorite dance.
There are about ten types of drum dances, including dances of flower drum, monkey-style drum, single-woman drum, single-man drum, and group drum with a man circled by others. These folk dances are distinctive for the skillful performance of dancers and pleasant rhythms. Dancers alternatively beat the drum, joyfully jump and swing naturally. 

Drum dance boasts a very long history. The drum encouraged Miao people to fight against foreign invaders and resist against the federal imperial regime. A strong national cohesion has shaped during the struggling, and the Miao drum has also become sacred to Miao people. The drum dance embodies the ethnical spirit of piety, innovation and tenacity since ancient times. The conservation and development of Miao drum dance is of profound significance to studying the history, war, religion, immigration, production and folk custom of Miao people.     

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