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Show of Biancheng

The Show of "Biancheng", also the show of "Border Town", is put on the Dreaming Crossing Theater in Fenghuang Ancient Town eavery night. 

Dreaming Crossing Theater of Biancheng
The theater is the key provincial project of the 2014 Xiangxi Cultural Tourism Industry. The single architectural design concept is both national and cultural. The humanistic spirit of the phoenix. The entire theater can accommodate 2,500 people to watch the performance at the same time, and the stage and auditorium design is very regional. The increased canopy above the sky can make the service more physical and ensure the normal performance in the rainy day.
Show of  "Border Town"
The drama is mainly based on the story of the literary master Shen Congwen's book "Border Town", and the character "Cui Cui" is the main line. It is a large-scale folk drama that is rich in Xiangxi humanity. The theater is built in the foothills of Phoenix. The light is very dazzling under the illumination; the stage is stepped, two huge ancient trees are used as the background, and the light and shadow with strong visual collision is flowing down like water. The slings of the stars, such as ink and blue, are like dreams; a huge veil is hung above the stage, and the water column jumps up and down with the music, eventually forming a very high water curtain with unique salary reduction ideas and dreams. The forest theater, the dazzling dance costumes, and the beautiful lighting and sound.
Hundreds of costumes in the performance are beautiful, with more than 100 procedures, a production team of 110 people, and more than 10 months of making a green wedding dress, the most beautiful one, a red Miao head, a red Miao clothing, hundreds of red silver ornaments, and a 3 meter long red wedding dress appeared in the dream of Cui Cui at the end of the play, and made her a "best bride".
The seating area of ​​the theater is roughly divided into two parts, the middle part is the A area, and the two sides are the B area; there is a space between the front and rear areas, and the middle part of the space is the VIP area. If the seat in Area B is close to Area A, it also has a good view; the VIP area has fewer seats and needs to be booked as early as possible.

Travel Tips
Add: Fenghuang County,Xiangxi Prefecture,Hunan,China
Entrance Ticket: CNY 248
Opening Hours:20:00-22:00
1. If you encounter any doubts or difficulties during use, please call Ctrip in time.
2. Admission is started 30 minutes before the performance of the theater. The audience is asked to queue up for the ID card to enter the venue.
3, 6 years old children and seniors to watch performances should be accompanied and cared for by parents and relatives.
4, due to VIP seats are less, please book in advance, if it has been fixed, please choose to reschedule or change the district, thank you.
5. Please bring the original ID card and enter the venue directly with the ID card. There is no need to change the paper ticket. The ID card is for personal use only, and it can only be used once.

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