Heaven Linking Avenue on Tianmen Mounatin

Tianmen Mounatin Heaven-linking Avenue is one of the most dangerous roads in China. As the avenue toward Heaven, it is also called 99 Bending Road or Big Gate Road.
Cable car above the famous winding road Heaven-Linking Avenue or Big Gate Road in Tianmen Mountain. The road was built in 1998 with a total length 10.77 kilometers. The bending road, with 99 turnings one after another, was praised as  the world’s first road wonder.

Tianmen Mountain literally means the Heaven Gate Mountain. It is named so after the Tianmen Cave in the scenic area, which looks like a door leading to the heaven hanging in the air, shrouded by mist throughout the year. Walk along the Heaven-linking Avenue, and you will reach the Tianmen Cave. The Tianmen Mountain Temple, Glass Skywalk, and Guigu Plank Road are also some of the best highlights in the mountain.

Unmanned Vehicle Traverses Challenging Natural Barriers on Tianmen Mountain, on Sep 25,2018.
The unmanned vehicle had not previously experienced a similar driving situation, and there were only 48 hours for the system to learn its new environment. On Tianmen Mountain, “Smart AI” designed three tests for the unmanned vehicle. The first was automatic obstacle avoidance – detecting whether the vehicle could actively judge and avoid other vehicles parked in the road. The second was passing while on a curve – passing a bus at the most dangerous bend on Tianmen Mountain that has a degree of about 180°, width of only 6m and gradient of 35°. On this curve, the unmanned vehicle could only guarantee safety if it planned a route within 200ms. The third was to test whether the unmanned vehicle could drive through dark tunnel under the extreme weather of rain and fog.
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Notice: You can admire the thrilling winding road panoramically from the cable car. If you’d like to go to the mountaintop by this road, it is safe to take the shuttle bus of Tianmen Mountain scenic area.

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