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Yangjiajie Scenic Spot

Yangjiajie Scenic Spot is located in the southwest of Wulingyuan Scenic Area, next to Yuanjiajie Scenic Spot. It is a sacred scene that enjoyed the same fames of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Suoxi Valley and Tianzi Mountain.

Legend of Yangjiajie
Yangjiajie has much to do with the aristocratic Yang Family in Song Dynasty (960-1279), whose three generations of members, both the men and women, were faithful patriotic generals or soldiers on the battlefield. It is said the in the northern song dynasty the generals from the yang family camped in the Tianzi mountain when they were encircling and suppressing Xian.Their stories often appear in Chinese TV series or 

What to see ?
Yangjiajie consists of three parts: Xiangzhi stream, Longquan valley and Baihou valley, in which there are altogether over 200 scenic spots.
1. Xiangzhi Stream
At Xiangzhi stream, one sees undulating peaks extending into the distance and limpid brooks winding along the deep gullies, and hears birds and cicadas singing in the dusk along the ancient roads, it is a land of peace indeed.

One Step to Heaven

It is actually a mountain peak 1,130 meters (1,230 yards) above sea level. There are 32 iron stairs leading to the mountaintop. The top is flat, with 5 meters (5 yards) long and 4 meters wide, and is enclosed with iron railings.

Oolong Village
Oolong Village is one of the most dangerous attractions of Yangjiajie Scenic Area. It is a fastness of bandits in ancient time. The village is about 300 meters (330 yards) high and surrounded by steep cliffs. Only a 1,000-meter-long (1,094 yards) path leads to the village. Besides, a number of natural barriers stand along the path.

2. Qingfeng Gorg
Qingfeng Gorge is located in the north of Yangjiajie Scenic Area. There is a waterfall named Longquan Waterfall at the entrance of the gorge, so it is also called Longquan Gorge. The towering stone peaks and clear streams form delightful scenery. The main attractions inside the area are Tianbo Mansion, Longquan Waterfall, and the King of Vines.
Tianbo Mansion
Tianbo Mansion is neighboring to Oolong Village. Tourists can head for Tianbo Mansion from the village through a hanging bridge between two peaks. The mansion is a good viewing platform to overlook the extremely beautiful scenery. There you can also see 10 parallel stone wall peaks standing among the green trees, like city walls.
Dragon Spring Waterfall 
The waterfall looks like a hanging waterfall falling down from the heaven. No matter how hot you are, you will immediately feel cooler when you are standing in front of the waterfall. When you feel a little cold, you can walk into the pool of this waterfall. Since that, you will feel a warm breeze.
The King of Vines
In a stone wall with about 100 meters high grows an ancient vine. Due to the largeness and rareness of the vine, it is called the King of Vines. The tendrils in various shapes fasten themselves to cover half of the cliff. It’s surprising to see such a large area of ancient vines.

3. Hundred Monkey Valley
Hundred Monkey Valley is also called Baihou Valley. The valley is the home to macaques and egrets. The macaques in groups often turn up between the cliffs and valleys. Flocks of egrets habitat among the green leaves. Also, you can watch groups of white cranes flying across the treetops. 
White Crane Lawn
It is a rest place for white cranes, thus it gets the name. If you have a chance to appreciate white cranes here, you will find a life of Shangri-la. The best time to enjoy scene in White Crane Lawn are morning times and evening times. In the morning, white cranes will spread their wings and begin to fly with dulcet tweets. And in the evening, white cranes come back with the dusk scene as the background. They will play with each other for a period, and then, become quiet gradually in the night.

Travel Tips
Add: Yangjiajie, Wulingyuan Scenic Area, Wulingyuan District, Zhangjiajie City
Entrance Fee: CNY 248 ( Wulingyuan Scenic Area)
Opening hours: 08:00-18:00
Visiting hours: half or one day trip.
How to get there:  Take a bus from passenger bus station in the city center to Tianzishan Town and get off at the intermediate station, Zhonghu.  Zhonghu is about 2 kilometers from the ticket office of Yangjiajie Scenic Area. After getting off, one can get there by walk or local vehicle.
1. Hiking: About 3 hours visiting and hiking from Wulong Village, nearby Yuanjiajie Scenic Spot. Tourists can take bus from Yuanjiajie Scenic Spot and Tianzi Mountain Scenic Spot,and get off at the bus-stop of Wulong Village, then start your hiking.

2. By Cable Way: Take cable car up to the top of Yangjaijie Scenic Spot from Silanyu Entrance Gate of Wulingyuan Scenic Area, after 1hour driving from Zhangjiajie City.

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