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Baofeng Lake Park

Baofeng Lake Park  is located in Suoxiyu Town , Wulingyuan District of Zhangjiajie City. It is 8km away from Tianzi Mountain and 8km away from Yellow Dragon Cave.Baofeng Lake Park integrates natural scenery and folk custom together, especially featuring the mirror-like lake, the marvelous Befeng waterfall, the mysterious temple.

What to see in Baofeng Lake Park?
Some 20 sight-spots spread around the Baofeng Lake Park, including Baofeng Waterfall, One Line Valley, Baofeng Temple,etc.
Baofeng Lake
Reputed as "a classical lake in the world", Baofeng is a veritable place of graceful mountains and charming waterway and for all the kind, good gracious and wise people. Baofeng Lake is such a paradise that you would like to visit again and again, whether you have been here or not. Located in the high gorges, a body of crystalline and calm water is surrounded by the emerald mountains. The lake is situated part way up the mountain range, 85 meters above the ground, and attains an altitude of 585 meters. Because of its association with the Baofeng Mountain Range, the lake bears the name of Baofeng. With an average depth of 72 meters, Baofeng Lake covers an area of 15 hectares, and can hold 6 million cubic meters of water at full capacity. This water is produced by rainfall, mountain springs and underground streams, and .stays emerald all year around, so it is reputed as Paradise in the Human World.Beautiful scenery in this area include: Baofeng Waterfall, Stone Gate Welcoming Guests, Peacock Displaying Colorful Tail, and Golden Toad Biting the Moon, Fairy Lady Reflected in the Lake and so on.
Baofeng Waterfall
Located at the mouth of the Baofeng Lake, the Baofeng Waterfall pours down from midair of a hundred meters high with thunderous sound.
One Line Valley
With less than 4 meters wide on average,it is another wonderful scenic spot. Only a line of the sky can be seen from the bottom of the valley, which resembles a silk thread, seemingly long and thin. The length, narrowness, and depth here are rare in national scenic spots.
Baofeng Temple 
It is also located within Baofeng Lake Scenic Area, discreetly hidden in among the surrounding verdure. It is an old, graceful temple, constructed for monks in search of isolation in order better to devote themselves to contemplation.

Travel Tips
Add: Suoxi Town, Wulingyuan District, Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, China
Entrance Fee: CNY 96
Opening hours: 08:00-17:00

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