Tianmen Mountain Forest Sightseeing Cable Car

Tianmen Mountain Forest Sightseeing Cable Car is different from Tianmen Mountain Cable way. This is another cable car built on the top of Tianmen Mountain. It is a cable way between Tianmen Mountain Temple and the Yunmeng Summit. And visitors need to buy additional ticket to take the cable car. 

In order that tourists may enjoy the scenery on the summit at a higher angle and with a broader vision and numerous Buddhists may reach Tian Men Mountain Temple in the north of the summit faster with ease, Tian Men Mountain scenic area has built a summit sightseeing hanging chair cableway starting from Yunmeng Fairy Summit and ending at the Cherry Bay with a whole length of 800 m. Both the design of the car and adjustment speed render the tourists with full time and space for touring the summit and one feels as if he is walking on the garden in the air with absolute satisfaction.

Travel Tips
Add: located on the top of Tianmen Mountain, Zhangjiajie,Hunan, China.
Opening Hours:08:00-18:00
Ticket Price: CNY 30 ( Excluded within the Tianmen Mountain entrance ticket fee CNY258/P.P).

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