Tianmen Mountain Escalator

Tianmen Mountain Escalator runs inside Tianmen Mountain tunnel, from the bottom of Tianmen Cave to the top of the mountain. With a total of 12 sections, the escalator has a total length which run is 897 meters,And the lifting height is 340 meters, and the total span is 692 meters.

Tianmen Mountain Cave is located on a cliff above 1,300 meters above sea level. It is a rare high-altitude mountain cave. There are 99 bends on the up-stairs road leading to Tianmen Cave. The 180-degree sharp bend is long and the road is long. The two sides are full of thousands of miles and empty valleys.

Tianmen Mountain Escalator was constructed in 2014 by China Kangli Elevator Company,and it was finished to open in 2017. In order not to damage the landscape, China Kangli Elevator Company excavated the tunnel from the right side of the parking lot under Tianmen Cave to Tianmen Cave, and then dug the tunnel to the top of the mountain behind Tianmen Cave. The equipment of the whole project is carried out by the 99-bend of the vehicle, and then transported by the plank road and the ropeway.

Tianmen Mountain Escalator  consists of 16 30m super-height heavy-duty bus-type escalators and 320-meter-high heavy-duty bus-type escalators with a one-way capacity of 3,600 person/hour.

Travel Tips
Add: Inside Tianmen Mountain,Zhangjiajie,China
Opening Hours: 08:00-18:00
Ticket Price: CNY 30

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