Fenghuang East Gate City Tower

East Gate City Tower is located in the east of Fenghuang Ancient City. Facing Dongling Hill and closing to Tuojiang River, It is so solemn and majestic that is praised as one of the top nine attractions in Fenghuang Anicent Town.
The East Gate City Tower was  first built in 1715 duing the Qing Dynasty. It was  purple sandstone on the lower part of the gate, and ancient bricks on the upper part of the gate. With its 11 meters high, the tower has 9 holes of gun holes above the gate.  There is a two-storey tower on the gate. The roof of  the tower is covered with waist eaves. In the main hall, there is a large statue of Guan Yu, one of famous heroes in the Three Kingdom Period. 
The East Gate City Tower is a commanding point on the bank of Tuojiang River. Standing here, you can not only take a closer look at the ancient market but also Tuojiang River at the foot of the building. 

Travel Tips
Address: Dongzheng Street, Fenghuang Ancient City, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, West Hunan Province
Phone: 0743-3502059,0743-3223315
Opening hours: 7: 30-18: 00 (summer), 8: 00-17: 30 (winter).
Entrance Fees: CNY 148( included the entrance ticket of the Fenghuang Ancient Town)

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