Former Residence of Xiong Xiling

The Former Residence of Xiongxiling is located in the beautiful Fenghuang Ancient City. As a typical ancient building of the Miao nationality, It has been listed as one of the nine major attractions in Fenghuang Ancient City.

Xiong Xiling was born in Fenghuang County in 1870 during the late Qing Dynasty. He was hailed as a "Hunan Prodigy" because of his natural intelligence. In 1913, he was appointed Prime Minister of the Republic of China. Mr. Xiong was born and spent his childhood and adolescence in this small courtyard house. He used to read and study calligraphy here and got along with his family. It is such an ordinary house, but has raised a legendary Xiong Xiling. Today, it still maintains the style of the year and tells the world the story of this great man.
The courtyard, which doesn't look like a tall building, has a quiet and tranquil environment. The building is ancient and rustic, with a patio in the center, and three two-story wooden structures in the main room. It houses the living and work supplies used by Mr. Xiong Xiling during his lifetime. On the left, it is a conference room about ten square meters. On the right, it is a firewood room, where stone furniture, stone urns and other edible furniture are placed.

Seen such a simple and  elegant yard, you can not difficult to see how hard-working and thrifty Mr.Xiong was during his lifetime.

Travel Tips
Address:  No. 8 Wenxing Street, Fenghuang County, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Western Hunan Province
Phone: 0743-3502059,0743-3223315
Opening hours:  08: 00-17: 30
Entrance Fees: CNY 148( included the entrance ticket of the Fenghuang Ancient Town)

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