Tianmen Mountain Travel Tips

Tianmen Mountain is the symbol and spirit of Zhangjiajie and it is also the must-see places of your Zhangjiajie trip. How to travel Tiamen Mountain? Here lists some useful travel tips of Tianmen Mountain.

1. Best Time to Visit & Weather

In different seasons, Tianmen Mountain has different scenery. In spring, it is still a little bit cold. When taking cableway to pass through the farm fields and get up Tianmen Mountain, you can see many flowers in blossom. It has heavy fog in this season, and Tianmen Cave is very mysterious with fog at this time. In summer, Tianmen Mountain is very cool and becomes a good place to escape the heat. In autumn, the weather and temperature is moderate and the scenery is fantastic. Some trees turn yellow and red, giving the mountain more colorful scenery. In winter, Tianmen Mountain is cold and sometimes it snows. Tianmen Mountain becomes the icy world. To avoid the coldness, it is recommended to visit during April to October.

2. Admission Fee

Tickets of Tianmen Mountain: 258 Yuan, including sightseeing ticket, double cableway ticket and sightseeing bus, excluding the Tianmen Mountain Peak Forest Sightseeing Cable Car and the lower part of escalator Tianmen Cave. The ticket is valid for one day.

3. Transportation in Tianmen Mountain

Tianmen Cave Escalator

It consists of the upper escalator and lower escalator. The upper escalator runs between Tianmen Cave and Biye Yaotai scenic area. The lower escalator runs between the Parking Lot of Tianmen Cave and Tianmen Cave. Taking the lower escalator, travelers can save energy to climb the 999 steps which makes the visit easier. It is charged 32 Yuan for the lower escalator.

Tianmen Mountain Peak Forest Sightseeing Cable Car

Fee: 25 Yuan per way
It starts from the main peak of Tianmen Mountain – Yu Meng Xian Peak, to Cherry Bay near Tianmen Mountain Temple. With a length of 800m, it takes 10 minutes one way. Taking sightseeing cable car, you can not only overlook the primitive forest scenery, but also save energy and time to make your trip easier.

Sightseeing Bus

The sightseeing buses run 25-30 minutes one way, every 10 minutes for interval. It takes travelers go between Tianmen Cableway Middle Station/Lower Station and Tianmen Cave.

4. What to Pack?

  • Be sure to bring boots or shoes with good soles for you may need to take some hiking along the paths and trails in Tianmen Mountain.
  • Take some commonly used medicines for emergencies.
  • Take an umbrella or raincoat for the weather may change during one day.
  • Wear a pair of sunglasses to prevent the ultraviolet ray.

5. Evening Show

Time: 20:30-21:50 every evening during March to December of the year (If it rains, you will be given a raincoat for free. In cold days of winter, you can rent warm cotton-padded clothes.) 
Place: Tianmenshan Canyon Theater

Tianmen Fox Fairy is the real-scene musical drama with the Tianmen Mountain and its deep valleys as the stage background. The show tells a romantic love story between a fox fairy and an ordinary woodman making a living by chopping woods. Combining the local music, the indigenous life style and ancient love story, with the marvelous valley as background, this show will add more fun more your Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain trip.

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