History of Zhangjiajie

Zhangjiajie is an ancient but also a rising tourism city of China. The city was founded and named as Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China’s first national forest park. The former name of the city was Dayong.In 1994,the city of Dayong was renamed as Zhangjiajie City because of the famous attraction Zhangjiajie. In 1999 and 2006, the world famous fancy flyers flew stunt through the cave in the Tianmen Mountain. And Hollywood film Avatar could have borrowed scenes from Zhangjiajie. It becomes one of the must-visit destinastionss in China for lots of tourists from home and abroad.
Zhangjiajie City in 1980s Today

History of Zhangjiajie

History of Zhangjiajie
Prehistoric Times 100,000 years ago. Humans lived along both banks of the Lishui River, very early during the Stone Age.
Xia Dynasty
2,100B.C.–1,600 B.C.
Shang Dynasty
1,600B.C.–1,100 B.C.
Zhou Dynasty
1,100 B.C. – 256 B.C.

Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period

770 B.C. – 221 B.C.
A part of Chu State
Qin Dynasty
221 B.C. – 206 B.C.
After united China in 221BC, the Emperor Qin Shihuang built 36 Regions & 72 Counties in China.And the emperor set up an adminisitrative,Qianzhong Region, one of the 36 Regions of Qin Dynasty, as well as it was the first adminidtrative in Huanan Province. At that time, the area of today's Zhangjiajie was named Cigu County, the main part of Qianzhong prefecture. The Capital of Qianzhong Region and Cigu County was named Baigong Town which was located in today's Jiangjiaping Township, Zhangjiajie City's Cili County.
Han Dynasty
202 B.C– 280 A.D.
Cigu County of Qianzhong Region. In 205BC, the Emperor Liu Bang, the founder of Han Dynasty, divided Qianzhong Region into Wuling Region. Cigu County managed the area of today's Zhangjiajie City,including today's Cili and Shangzhi Counties, Yongding and Wulingyuan Districts.
Three Kingdoms Period
220 A. D. – 280 A.D.
The area of today's Zhangjiajie was named Wuling Region, a part of Wu Kingom. In 263, the cave was formed and opened just like a door in Songliang Mountain, the King Wu felt very happy because he thought it was lucky for his kingdom ,and he renamed Wuling Region as Tianmen Region, as well as Songliang Mountain was renamed as Tianmen Mountain,Tianmen means "the Gate of Heaven".
Jin Dynasty
265 A.D. – 420 A.D.
Sui Dynasty
581 A.D. – 618 A.D.
Tang Dynasty
618 A.D. – 907 A.D.
The area of today's Zhangjiajie was divided into two counties, Cili
County and Chongyi County,which were managed by Lizhou Region at that period
Song Dynasty
960 A.D. – 1279 A.D.
Yuan Dynasty
1271A.D.– 1368 A.D.
Ming Dynasty
1368A.D. –1644 A.D.
Qing Dynasty
1644A.D. –1911 A.D.
Morden time
1911A.D. –1949 A.D.
People’s Republic of China
1949 A.D. - Present

Zhangjiajie was formerly named Dayong city, founded in 1988.As Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is increasingly becoming known to world, Dayong city was renamed as Zhangjiajie city under the permission of the State Council in 1994.

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