Sangzhi Travel Guide

Sangzhi County, under the city of Zhangjiajie is located in west of Zhangjiajie City, Surrounded by Cili County, Wulingyuan, Yongding District of Zhangjiajie City, as well as Shimen County of Changde City,Yongshun and Longshan County of Xiangxi Tujia & Miao Autonomous Prefecture,Enshi Prefecture of Hubei Province.

Facts of Sangzhi County
Chinese Name : 桑植县 (Sàng Zhi Xian) 
Area: 3474 square kilometers
Population: 380,300    Nationalities: Tujia,Bai, Han,Miao
Administrative Division: 12 towns, 11 townships 
Seat of the County Government: Liyuan Town, Sangzhi County, Zhangjiajie City

History of Sangzhi County

Located in south of Zhangjiajie City, the area of Yongding District has over 5,000 years history. In the Zhou Dynasty, it was magaged by the Qianzhong Prefecture. In the Ming Dynasty(1368-1644), it was named Dayong County. In 1984, Dayong County was founded as a prefecture-level city under Hunan Province, and the former area of  Dayong City renamed as Yongding District. In 1994, Dayong City renamed as Zhangjiajie City, Yongding District is a county-level under Zhangjiajie City.

Geography of Sangzhi

With a total area of 2174 square kilometers, Yongding district has a land with lots of mountains ,gorges, basins, karst caves and rivers. Tianmen Mountain,with 1.518 meters above the sea level, is the highest mountain in Yongding District. Lishui river runs through the area of Yongding. Maoyan river, a section located in west of Yongding District, runs over 50 km with picturesque landmark and it was opened to visitors as one of the top attractions after Tianmen Mountain in Yongding District of Zhangjiajie City.

What to see in Sangzhi ?

Yongding District, seat of the government of Zhangjiajie City, is the gateway while you travel to Zhangjiajie. There are many natural and cultural sight-seeings in Yongding District, such as Tujia Folk Customs Park, Laodaowan Scenic Area, Shiyanping Tujia Village, Puguang Temple...But Tianmen Mountain and Maoyan River are the must-see places in Yongding District.

             Jiutian Cave         Shizhuping Bai Village                 Tianzi Mountain 
Kuzhuzhai Ancient Village  Marshal He Long's Former Residence Maoyan River Scenic Area 

When to Visit Sangzhi County?

Located in the north middle latitude, Yongding District has distinct four seasons and provides comfortable weather for visitors. Zhangjiajie enjoys central Asia tropical mountain prototype monsoon climate with distinct four seasons. In spring and summer, it is cool while in autumn and winter, it is warm. The average temperature is 16.4 to 16.8 °C and the frost-free periods last 245 to 268 days. The area has the average sunlight hours of 1449 hours. In effect, the meteorological feature of Zhangjiajie city is quite different from that of its scenic areas. Take Zhangjiajie National Forest Park for example. The temperature here is 5°C or so lower than that in the downtown due to its 98% forest coverage.In fact, it is difficult to say what is the best time to visit Zhangjiajie, as its mountainous surroundings make it attractive in all seasons... More read: Zhangjiajie Weather 

How to get to Sangzhi ?

Yongding District is the seat of Zhangjiajie City Government and also your the first gate way while you travel to Zhangjiajie.  Visitors cann take trains,flights,long-distance bus from Changsha,Guangzhou,Beijing,Shanghai and other major cities of China to Yongding District of Zhangjiajie City... Read More: 
Zhangjiajie Transportation

Sangzhi Travel Tips

As the top tourism site of Zhangjiajie, the district of Yongding is the place of must-see and must-stay while you travel in Zhangjiajie. Yongding Distrcit  is the center of business,political,and transportation of Zhangjiajie. It is the best place for most visitors to do shopping, spend nightlife, and enjoy local dishes while you travel in Zhangjiajie.

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