Yellow Dragon Cave

Yellow Dragon Cave or Huanglong Cave, also known as 黄龙洞 (huánglóng dòng)in Chinese,is located in Hekou Village, Suoxiyu Town, Wulingyuan District, Zhangjiajie City. As a 4-A national scenic area, Yellow Dragon Cave is famous for its typical karst landform. It is one of Zhangjiajie tourism boutique lines,which enjoys a reputation of peerless wonders.

What to see?
Yellow Dragon Cave has a total area of 100,000 square meters, a total length of 7,640 meters with a maximum vertical height of 140 meters. The cave has four floors containing a reservoir, two underground rivers, three underground waterfalls, four pools, thirteen halls and ninety-six entryways to the inside.

Xiangshui River
Xiangshui River is an Underground River in 2F of Yellow Dragon Cave. it  has a total length of 2,820 meters (3084 yards), an average water depth of 6 meters (6.6 yards), a maximum depth of 12 meters (13 yards), and a water temperature of around 16°C (61°F) all year round. It is an ideal living environment for the rare animal giant salamander in China.

Tianxian Waterfall
Tianxian Waterfall was formed by the three largest springs in Huanglong Cave. The waterfalls fall from a 30-meter-high honeycomb-shaped grotto and form a beautiful waterfall spectacle.

Dragon Palace
Dragon Palace  is the Largest and Oldest Cave in Yellow Dragon Cave.  It has a base area of 15,000 square meters and an average height of 40 meters. There are more than two thousand stalagmites in various poses and stone columns in the Dragon Palace. Among them, there are around 500 stalagmites above 1 meter, and the distribution density of stalagmites is 0.12 per square meter.
In the Dragon Palace, there is the“Magic Cudgel”, a stalagmite with a height of 19.2 meters. It is estimated that it takes at least 200,000 years for this stalagmite to grow to such a high level. Its shape is very strange: thick at two ends and thin in the middle, and the thinnest part is only 0.1 meter in diameter.

Located on the first floor, this is an essence of Yellow Dragon Cave. Labyrinth with an area of around 1,600 square meters has many types of stalactites in the cave. The stalactites, stalagmites, stone columns, helictites, stone flowers, peatlites, madrepores in the cave are exquisite. In addition, there are sonorant stones, underground waterfalls, and even hills in the cave.

In addition to the above mentioned, there are many other areas worth seeing in the Yellow Dragon Cave, like Dragon Dancing  Hall for dragon's family dance party, “the Loess Plateau”with a large area of stone waterfall, Huaguo Hill famous for small water-drop like stones, Tianzhu Street known for the longest stone bridge in China’s sightseeing karst caves and more.

Travel Tips
Add: Hekou Village,Wulingyuan District, Zhangjiajie City
Opening Hours :08:00-18:00
Entrance Fee: CNY 100
Visiting Hours: 3 hours visiting


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